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Get the best
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Murgan Al Sharq

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Protection of public and private interests through official employment contracts
In accordance with the instructions and legislation of the Ministry of Interior
of (preventive security)


Murgan Al Sharq

Morgan Al Sharq aims to become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's station for shopping all security services, providing superior solutions for the safety and security of customers.

Security patrols

Enterprise Security and Protection Patrols provide additional protection for your company's valuable information and assets. These patrols implement many preventive measures and security measures necessary to address potential security threats.

Security and protection teams perform risk assessments and security analysis to identify your company's critical assets and information and determine the level of protection needed for each. The identity of each person trying to access the system is verified and the necessary powers are granted based on his role and responsibilities.

Mobile security patrols

System usage is also monitored and any activity that deviates from the normal pattern of usage is identified. The network is protected through the use of the latest available technologies and security tools, and through periodic maintenance and updating procedures.

Patrols & Inspections

Security and Protection Patrols follow the best security practices and work to provide effective protection for your company and its valuable information and assets. These patrols also help prevent incidents of theft, fraud, infiltration into company systems, and access to sensitive information.

Choosing a professional and experienced security company in this field is vital to securing your company and preserving its property and information. Project security and protection patrols are an important part of the overall security efforts to protect your company and ensure its business continuity.

Security services

Morgan Al Sharq provides its customers with the latest security services
of the highest standards and these services include

Installation of surveillance cameras

Portable walkie-talkies

Security equipped cars

Female security guards

Provide support upon request

Providing alarm and monitoring devices


The success of Morgan Al Sharq is due to the methodology based on:

Managing, staffing and evaluating its operations and programmes

The capabilities of its administrators and employees and investing in their qualifications that are commensurate with the company's international standards

Giving Saudi youth real job opportunities

Employment with experience in security with a military background

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